Harnessing three decades of luminous leadership

"I believe that every sunrise is an invitation to ignite change. At MMS, we don't just mentor success, we awaken the transformative leader within. Step up & embrace the wave of change, the world needs your spark."

Leadership Coaching Geelong by Donna Morrison

Guiding light. Resilient Trailblazer. Beacon of Authentic Leadership.

Donna Morrison is not just a name but a legacy built on a foundation of tenacity, adaptability, and passion. With roots in a humble upbringing, she pioneered as one of Australia’s first female electricians, drawing inspiration from a truck-driving father and a passion for hands-on craftsmanship.

From her initial venture into a car parts business at 17, reflecting her innate entrepreneurial spirit and love of learning, Donna transitioned through a myriad of domains. As a new mother she delved into the world of health & healing, guided by personal challenges like her child’s health complications. Here, she used her deep empathy and knowledge to assist women grappling with infertility and to support young people facing significant learning challenges.

After studying Youth Work, she began her journey with troubled teens, Donna emerged not just as a mentor but as a beacon of trust, instilling values of self-worth and respect. Her astute business acumen was evident when she founded ventures like ‘Nudie Legs’ responding keenly to market demands with innovation and a client-centric approach.

But Donna’s life hasn’t been just about triumphs. Living with debilitating fibromyalgia since childhood she developed incredible resilience, adaptability, and the power of the human spirit. Even in the face of physical setbacks, she transformed her journey, leveraging her extensive business experience to become a beacon for others as a business mentor, emphasizing sustainable, authentic growth over temporary success.

At 56, Donna’s entrepreneurial mind is more powerful than ever. Her ethos revolves around the power of genuine passion, seeing wealth not as the goal but as a byproduct of living authentically. With a Post Graduate Degree in Corporate Management, certifications in NLP, Life Coaching, and Youth Work, Donna stands today not just as a testament to overcoming personal and professional challenges but as an emblem of a life lived with purpose, vigour, and unwavering spirit.

Today, through the Lighthouse Leadership System, Donna invites you on a journey. A journey not just of professional growth but of discovering the undying spirit within, harnessing the potential that’s waiting to be unveiled, and steering your ship, no matter the storm, towards a horizon lit with passion, authenticity, and undeniable success. Its time to Get Up, Dress Up and Show UP!

Leadership Coaching Geelong by Donna Morrison

Our Philosophy

When you have a calling, life wont leave you alone until you fulfil it.

At Mentor My Success we live life with joy and passion. We love what we do and it is our honor to be able to share those gifts with each of you.

Our aim is to support you to consciously design your personal and professional lives, so that you are supported financially whilst you live a life you love.

We will teach you to set your intention, create a plan, do the work always leaving room for magic.

Our clients not only choose us for our technical capabilities and industry knowledge, but also for our different way of working. We invest the time to truly understand you and your profession; working toward your ideals, giving real insight, a fresh perspective, and well-grounded strategies to keep you focused on creating the life you have always dreamed of living. Fulfilled at work and joyful at home.